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Crux Keyword API

  • Extracts keywords/entities like person, organizations, products, currencies, money, location, time, event, Date mentioned in a body of text.

Crux Keyword API Example:


Keyword And Phases for the following article

Keywords Found, with number of occurrences:

{“keywords”: {“Company“: [{“keyword”: “ inc.”,”occurence”: 1}],”Money“: [{ “keyword”: “55 cents”,”occurence”: 2},{“keyword”: “50 cents”,”occurence”: 2},{“keyword”: “$3.39 billion”,”occurence”: 2},{“keyword”: “127.54”,”occurence”: 1},{“keyword”: “54 cents”,”occurence”: 1},{“keyword”: “$3.55 billion to $3.56 billion”, “occurence”: 1},{“keyword”: “$2.70 billion”,”occurence”: 1}],”Person“: [{“keyword”: “marc benioff”,”occurence”: 1},{“keyword”: “benioff”,”occurence”: 1}],”Product“: [{“keyword”: “salesforce crm”,”occurence”: 1}],”Location“: [{“keyword”: “san francisco”,”occurence”: 1}]}}

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