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Machine Learning and Data

 For training any Machine Learning Model, it requires the data. For the accuracy of any Machine Learning Model, the relevant and the appropriate data plays the most important role. It is a challenge to get the befitting data to train the ML model. 

Twitter- Historical Data

 Twitter is a public platform, where every type of topic is expressed freely. About 300 million people speak their mind up on Twitter on issues ranging from politics to sports, from personal health to the climate change, from local crime to the national security, from religion to technology. Twitter has an ample of data for any topic, we need to train any Machine Learning model for any problem domain. Everyday about 500 million tweets are published and thus Twitter archive is growing exponentially. Think about how much data is generated since the beginning of the Twitter-2006. This huge amount of dataset can reveal amazing insights that is very vital for agencies and marketing experts. Dataset can be retrieved using any keyword search, mentions or hashtags since the beginning of 2006.

Turn the Tweets into DataSet

We can fetch the historical tweets, clean them, massage them and make it ready to be fed into any ML model. For example, we can run sentiment analysis on tweets related to a Product/Service or a potential election candidate and get emotional insight about the product/Service or a person.

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